Questions related to Elastic Cloud: upsizing, load-balancing, auto-restarts, S3 archiving


I'm doing a research on Elastic Cloud using AWS and have several questions:

  1. Can we down/upsize elastic instances without downtime?

  2. The endpoint here:

    Is that an endpoint to a load balancer? If is, which one, AWS ELB?

  3. If an instance goes down due to an issue with e.g. JVM, who is responsible for bringing it up?

  4. Is there an option to archive and offload indices to e.g. S3 as part of ILM delete phase?

  5. The instance used for in AWS is i3.8xlarge, how many vCPUs are going to be dedicated to my cluster? How are cores shared between instances that are deployed on the same machine?



Possibly, but that is an internal component of the managed service, so there should be no need to be concerned about this.

I believe that should be automatic, but someone from the Cloud team should be able to confirm.

As far as I know that is not currently supported by ILM and therefore not the service either.

I believe CPU is time-shared based on the size of the node compared to the size of the host, but someone from the Cloud team can hopefully correct me if I am wrong.

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