Rabbotmq to Elasticsearch

I have a problem with transporting filtered logs to Elasticsearch.

This is an overview:
syslog device -> syslog-ng -> rabbitmq -> logstash input (no filters) -> logstash elasticsearch output

Elastic stack is v5.6
In rabbitmq everything seems fine. Inputs ok and logstash getting messages from output queue .
ES client, logstash and rabbimq are on the same virtual server.

input {
  rabbitmq {
  host => ''
  port => 5672
  vhost => 'logstash'
  user => 'output_user'
  password => 'pass'
  durable => true
  exchange => 'syslog_exchange'
  key => 'key1'
  queue => 'out_logstash_queue'
  type => "rmq"
  subscription_retry_interval_seconds => '5'

output {
  if [type] == "rmq" {             #tried and without this IF
     elasticsearch {
     hosts => [""]  #tried and with http
     index => "rmq-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

This output is working for every other input (i removed all other to test just this one).
What i am missing?

What happens if you have a stdout in the output, does it show events?

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