Rails and ElasticSearch. How to create 2 indices with one model?


Sorry for snuking into your group but I am compltely stuck with
ElasticSearch and I need help :slight_smile:

I am developping with ROR and the ES Gem.

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
include Elasticsearch::Model
include Elasticsearch::Model::Callbacks

Here is my ROR model, anyway...

def self.search(query)

How can I specify wich index I want this function to search in ??
here is a complex query

  index_name  "index_post_search" (I need another index...how can I do 


  settings index_post_search: { number_of_shards: 1 } do  How can I and 

another setting to this model ?
mappings dynamic: 'false' do
indexes :title, analyzer: 'english', index_options:
indexes :content, analyzer: 'english'

How can I create and update another index ?

Post.elasticsearch.client.indices.delete index: "index_post_search"
rescue nil
Post.elasticsearch.client.indices.create index: "index_post_search",
body: { settings: Post.settings.to_hash, mappings: Post.mappings.to_hash }

Thk U for your attention !!

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