Rally 0.10.0 released

We have just released Rally 0.10.0. This is a fairly big release with several bug fixes and improvements.

If you are using an older version of Rally, please refer to the migration guide for more details.


Gradle is not required to build Elasticsearch anymore

  • With #412 Rally now uses ./gradlew for building Elasticsearch, thus not requiring a local installation of Gradle anymore. This also introduces a breaking change for plugins, please read about it in the migration guide and the Breaking Changes section.

Ability to ingest a subset of a document corpus

With #442, Rally can now ingest a subset of a document corpus using the new parameter ingest-percentage in the bulk operation.

Pass parameters via a file

With #441, Rally can now accept track, car and plugin parameters.

Breaking changes

There are a number of breaking changes but they mostly affect you if are building plugins (including x-pack), if you have created your own tracks, using custom parameter sources or runners, or running a version of Rally older than 0.7.3.

Please refer to the migration guide for more details.

Some highlights below:

  • Automatic index management has been removed: You now need to use explicit operations in the track for such tasks. (see #480 for details).
  • The --cluster-health command line parameter has also been removed as part of the previous bullet. This is now expected as a track parameter.
  • The index operation type has been removed: You should be using the bulk operation type instead. (see #435 for details).
  • The index-settings track property has been removed: Since Rally 0.9.0, index settins can be provided via the settings property of the create-index operation. (see #461 for details).
  • Automated migration of the Rally configuration file is only supported starting with Rally 0.7.3: Rally will instruct you to delete your configuration file and reconfigure from scratch if this is the case.
  • build.task has been changed to build.command in the Rally configuration file and it requires the full build command for plugin configurations. (see #412 for details).

See the full list of changes on the 0.10.0 release page.

How to...?

  • ... upgrade: pip3 install --upgrade esrally
  • ... install: pip3 install esrally

Note: Depending on your system setup you probably need to prepend these commands with sudo.

Please follow the quickstart for a first time install.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, please just post in the Rally forum.