Rally 2.11.0

Rally 2.11.0 has just been released. This release brings support for Python 3.12.


  • #1839: Add support for Python 3.12


  • #1851: Assume no operator if security not enabled in serverless
  • #1846: Update create track
  • #1845: Allow rally to run ESQL operations on serverless for benchmarks
  • #1831: Add client ID to metrics
  • #1830: Add looped mode to bulk operation
  • #1827: Track dataset size
  • #1819: Override serverless cluster version in telemetry
  • #1818: Override serverless cluster version
  • #1816: Add FS metrics to node-stats telemetry device

For the full list of changes please see the changelog.


Please follow the quickstart for a first-time install.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, please post in the Rally forum.