Rally is not able to manage multiple types

Hey there,
I created a custom track from an existing index that includes several document types (at least 3).
Can I know how to use this track during the import phase to have the correct imported type?
If I specify target-type field in the corpora section, every document will be imported with that type but this behavior is wrong.
Could I separate the json files by types?
Should I use other parameters?

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? Document types are being deprecated so recent versions do not support multiple document types in a single index.

I have v5.6

Which version of Rally are you using? The most recent version does no longer support versions prior to Elasticsearch 6.0.

Sorry for the lack of information. I am using ES v5.6 and Rally 2.0.2

any possible solution?

Sorry, as mentioned by @Christian_Dahlqvist, the versions you're running are no longer supported by Rally.

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