Rally offline with my own tracks


I want to test our internal cluster and don’t have internet access and running on windows is it possible to use the rally container instead off offline install package as it’s for Linux/Mac and change rally.ini to point to either an internally repo or a file system?

As I’m testing against an existing cluster I don’t need rally to download any es instances

I have started til container and mounted a local drive and have access to rally.

We haven't tested it, but if your Windows machine is able to run Linux docker images (in x86_64 architecture, via a Linux VM) it could work. Regarding the Docker/Linux VM part, this article might be useful: Linux Containers on Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs

You should be able to bind mount your track to the Rally docker image and race using something like

docker run --rm elastic/rally race --pipeline=benchmark-only --target-hosts=... --track-path=/path/to/bind/mount/of/your/track/inside/the/docker/image

Thanks for the suggestion. I give it a try and post the result

Thanks for the hint. It’s working as expected.

Thanks @Lasse_Nedergaard that's great to know!

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