Range Search with "TO"keyword

(Manvir Basra) #1

Is there any way to make following data searchable if query contains "Street 11"? Please note that there is AND operator means "Street" and "11" both should be in document

Street 9 TO 13

(Christoffer Vig) #2

You could put street name and number into separate fields.
On querying, detect if the user typed in a street name, split the query into two parts, one using a match query for the street name, the other using a range query on the street number.
Perhaps not very easy, but possible.

(Manvir Basra) #3


Street values are not numbers all the time so range query doesn't seem possible
Street A To D
Street S, N, 6B, U9

I was thinking to create bigrams for these special words
Street S, N, 6B, U9, 8 TO 10
will have tokens like
Street S
Street N
Street 6B
Street U9
Street 8
Street 9
Street 10

Any ideas how this can be achieved?

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