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Hello, could somebody suggest how I would approach to visualise a table like this:

With position change? My data would be daily visits for urls, so that I could see the delta in rankings. I think it is not possible in Kibana itself, would I have to create a new index for daily rankings and run some kind of function (with Logstash?) on data from the previous day to calculate the total and position change?


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Hi @anton-da,

Calculating differences between documents is indeed not supported by Kibana right now. Running a separate tool to accumulate the stats you ask for sounds reasonable. Logstash has an elasticsearch input as well as an elasticsearch filter, which could be used to build such a processing pipeline. It should also be quite easy to write that in a language of your choice using one of the API clients. Once you have those aggregated stats as documents in an index, take a look at Kibana's field formatters that can help to format the values in your table columns.

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