.raw fields not showing up for measurements field in local Elasticsearch index

Hi, I have created a local Elasticsearch index and I am using the following mapping:

"docs": {
"properties": {
"dates": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type": "long"}}},
"entities": { "type": "nested","properties": { "count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type":"string","fields": { "raw": {"type": "string", "index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}}, 
"locations": { "type": "nested", "properties": {"admin1Code": {"type": "string", "fields": {"raw":{"type": "string", "index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"admin2Code": { "type": "string", "fields": {"raw": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"countryCode": {"type": "string","fields": {"raw": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"location": {"type": "geo_point","lat_lon": true,"geohash": true},"name": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"rawText": {"type": "string","fields": {"raw": {"type":"string","index":"not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"count": {"type": "long"}}},
"id": {"type": "string"},
"geo": {"type": "geo_point","lat_lon": true,"geohash": true},
"mime-type": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}},
"places": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"people": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"organizations": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type": "string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"money": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"percentages": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type":"string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"time": {"type": "nested","properties": {"count": {"type": "long"},"name": {"type": "string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}},
"measurements": {"type": "nested","properties": {"value": {"type": "long"},"unit": {"type": "string","fields": {"raw": {"type": "string","index": "not_analyzed","null_value": "NULL"}}}}}

and this is my local indexed data:

I can see valid measurements field in my data. But when I access it using Elasticsearch aggregation .raw field, empty buckets are returned. When I remove .raw field and access it normally some of the buckets are returned. This doesn't make sense. It should return buckets for valid measurements with .raw field as well. I want the measurements to show up with .raw field as well. Can somebody please help? Thank you!

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Hi @dadoonet , Thank you for your suggestions. I formatted my mapping file properly. Now it is easier to find measurements field. This is the Curl request I used to get data from my measurements field.

curl -X GET "localhost:9200/insight-generator/docs/_search" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'

Please let me know if you have a solution to this issue. I am new to Elasticsearch and I don't have in-depth knowledge about mappings.

As I said:

Actually the entire application is very big and has lots of components to it. So, I can provide the Js script I am using to access the Local Elasticsearch index Measurements field.

    Document.aggregateByMeasurements = function(filters, type){

  var mType = (type == 'raw') ? "rawUnit" : "normalizedUnit";
  var qty   = (type == 'raw') ? "parsedValue" : "normalizedQuantity";

  return Document.query(filters, {
    "entities": {
      "nested": {
        "path": "measurements"
      "aggs": {
        "entity_name": {
          "terms": {
            "field": "measurements." + mType + "-name.raw",
            "size": 5000
          "aggs" : {
            "entity_stats" : {
                "stats" : {
                  "field" : "measurements." + qty

It tries to extract normalizedUnit-name and normalizedQuantity-name fields from Measurements and creates buckets.

This is the measurements data:

"measurements": [{"rawUnit-name": "July", "parsedValue": 11, "rawValue": "11", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 49, "offsetEnd": 53, "name": "July"}, "offsetEnd": 48, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 53, "offsetStart": 46, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 49}, {"rawUnit-name": "p", "parsedValue": 3, "rawValue": "3:00", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 64, "offsetEnd": 65, "name": "p"}, "offsetEnd": 63, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 65, "offsetStart": 59, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 64}, {"rawUnit-name": "p", "parsedValue": 0, "rawValue": "13 July until 5:00", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 107, "offsetEnd": 108, "name": "p"}, "offsetEnd": 106, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 108, "offsetStart": 88, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 107}, {"offsetStart": 408, "parsedValue": 1, "rawValue": "1 303.492", "offsetEnd": 417}, {"rawUnit-name": "°", "parsedValue": 148, "rawValue": "148", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 1142, "offsetEnd": 1143, "name": "°"}, "offsetEnd": 1142, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 1143, "offsetStart": 1139, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 1142}, {"offsetStart": 1154, "parsedValue": 22.764, "rawValue": "22.764", "offsetEnd": 1160}, {"rawUnit-name": "m", "parsedValue": 992.385, "normalizedQuantity": 992.385, "rawValue": "992.385", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 1175, "offsetEnd": 1176, "name": "m"}, "normalizedUnit-system": "SI base", "offsetEnd": 1174, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 1176, "offsetStart": 1167, "normalizedUnit-type": "length", "rawUnit-offsetStart": 1175, "normalizedUnit-name": "m", "normalizedUnit": {"type": "length", "name": "m", "system": "SI base"}, "type": "length"}, {"offsetStart": 1274, "parsedValue": 1, "rawValue": "one", "offsetEnd": 1277}, {"offsetStart": 1318, "parsedValue": 4, "rawValue": "four", "offsetEnd": 1322}, {"offsetStart": 1604, "parsedValue": 10.7265, "rawValue": "10.7265", "offsetEnd": 1611}, {"rawUnit-name": "v", "parsedValue": 804.595, "rawValue": "804.595", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 2094, "offsetEnd": 2095, "name": "v"}, "offsetEnd": 2094, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 2095, "offsetStart": 2087, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 2094}, {"offsetStart": 3008, "parsedValue": 1, "rawValue": "one", "offsetEnd": 3011}, {"offsetStart": 3579, "parsedValue": 20, "rawValue": "20", "offsetEnd": 3581}, {"offsetStart": 3660, "parsedValue": 10, "rawValue": "10", "offsetEnd": 3662}, {"rawUnit-name": "mm", "parsedValue": 0, "normalizedQuantity": 0, "rawValue": "100 by 100", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 3752, "offsetEnd": 3754, "name": "mm"}, "normalizedUnit-system": "SI base", "offsetEnd": 3751, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 3754, "offsetStart": 3741, "normalizedUnit-type": "length", "rawUnit-offsetStart": 3752, "normalizedUnit-name": "m", "normalizedUnit": {"type": "length", "name": "m", "system": "SI base"}, "type": "length"}, {"offsetStart": 3793, "parsedValue": 9, "rawValue": "nine", "offsetEnd": 3797}, {"offsetStart": 3916, "parsedValue": 45, "rawValue": "45/315", "offsetEnd": 3922}, {"rawUnit-name": "minutes", "parsedValue": 16, "normalizedQuantity": 960, "rawValue": "16", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 3944, "offsetEnd": 3951, "name": "minutes"}, "normalizedUnit-system": "SI base", "offsetEnd": 3943, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 3951, "offsetStart": 3941, "normalizedUnit-type": "time", "rawUnit-offsetStart": 3944, "normalizedUnit-name": "s", "normalizedUnit": {"type": "time", "name": "s", "system": "SI base"}, "type": "time"}, {"rawUnit-name": "MB", "parsedValue": 60, "rawValue": "60", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 4020, "offsetEnd": 4022, "name": "MB"}, "offsetEnd": 4019, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 4022, "offsetStart": 4017, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 4020}, {"offsetStart": 4729, "parsedValue": 9, "rawValue": "nine", "offsetEnd": 4733}, {"rawUnit-name": "°", "parsedValue": 90, "rawValue": "90", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 5180, "offsetEnd": 5181, "name": "°"}, "offsetEnd": 5180, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 5181, "offsetStart": 5178, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 5180}, {"rawUnit-name": "°", "parsedValue": 90, "rawValue": "90", "rawUnit": {"offsetStart": 5216, "offsetEnd": 5217, "name": "°"}, "offsetEnd": 5216, "rawUnit-offsetEnd": 5217, "offsetStart": 5214, "rawUnit-offsetStart": 5216}, {"offsetStart": 6184, "parsedValue": 1, "rawValue": "one", "offsetEnd": 6187}, {"offsetStart": 6228, "parsedValue": 4, "rawValue": "four", "offsetEnd": 6232}, {"offsetStart": 6251, "parsedValue": 2, "rawValue": "Two", "offsetEnd": 6254}]

I can't reproduce or understand the problem.

Just recreate a sample and probably easier example as I said.
Unless someone else understands and has an idea.

I will send you the screenshots and link to the code. It will take me sometime to do so. Please bear with me.



This is the link to app: http://polar.usc.edu/html/polar-deep-insights/#/config

This is the link to Github code: https://github.com/USCDataScience/polar-deep-insights/tree/master/insight-visualizer

When I download and save the ontologies-> click on TREC-DD-PDF and use that Elasticsearch search index I can see the measurements as shown below:

The problem:

When I create a Local Elasticsearch index by indexing the same data as TREC-DD-PDF and use that index as shown below:

I am not able to see the measurements:

All the other data is visible.
I figured this has something to do with Elasticsearch .raw field and removed it in the code. Then I can see some measurements for local ES index but not all.

Logically speaking it should work for both with and without .raw field right?
I am not sure why this is happening. Can you please help me with this?

No. I'm afraid I can't. I don't know how to reproduce your problem.
Again, try to translate that to a simple recreation script like:

DELETE index
PUT index/_doc/1
  "foo": "bar"
GET index/_search
  "query": {
    "match": {
      "foo": "bar"

What you can do on your side though is to compare both mappings may be...

ok. Thank you so much for the response. I think you are right. I wasn't able to visualize this before. I will translate it to a simple script and compare both mappings on my side first and get back to you if I have any doubts.

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