Re-index api on hot nodes -

Hi everyone ,

We are trying to implement hot warm architecture using ELK stack 5.x.x .( Current cluster is 2.x)

We need to move data from old to this new cluster . As we have made heavy duty of indexing on hot node's only ,

Just wanted to know , can we use remote re-index api , to reindex my indices from my 2.x cluster to my new 5.x cluster only on hot nodes (or may be warm) . Is there any parameter in re-index api so we can use
"index.routing.allocation.require.box_type": "warm/hot"
so to index incoming data from 2.x cluster to warm nodes in my new cluster .

Note- I have tried re-indexing using remote and it's working fine but it's distributing data on all nodes .

The reindex API copies the data. You should create the new index yourself
first. If you set up the index using standard hot/warm settings it should
be allocated on the right node.

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