Readiness probe failed: Get https://5601/login: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

ECK operator 1.0.0 GA
Kibana readiness probe fails

I am using the same config provided by eck docs
kind: Kibana
name: quickstart
version: 7.5.2
count: 1
name: quickstart

Hi there Kumar,

We need a few more informations in order to be able to help you:
This is the normal framework for ECK issues:


  • ECK version:
    insert version or git commit id here
  • Kubernetes information:
    insert any information about your Kubernetes environment that could help us:
    • On premise ?
    • Cloud: GKE / EKS / AKS ?
    • Kubernetes distribution: Openshift / Rancher / PKS ?
      for each of them please give us the version you are using
      $ kubectl version
  • Resource definition:
    if relevant insert the resource definition
  • Logs:
    insert operator logs or any relevant message to the issue here

Also, you might want to run the diagnostic tool as well:

On top of that, looking at the url for the Kibana instance, it seems that the hostname is missing for the Kibana instance. Are you sure that your configs are OK?

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