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Hi , i ve been using ES 2.3.4 Sometime it occurs to me that when i launch a query search i receive ReadTimeoutError. The strange thing is that if i rerun the query the 2nd time, i don't get this error any more. It occurs time to time. I've increased the ES query timeout to 30 sec, but still i get this error sometime, when the number of records returned is quite high. Why this error occurs the first time and why it doesn' t occur the 2nd one?

Any help to avoid this error?

Rgds valerio

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I've the impression that elasticsearch caches not only filter requests but also when you match words in field it seems to cache the result.The first time th match may take a lot, the 2nd run it is pretty quick.

Is that right?

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You are right, in 2.x filters are cached on the first request. Though in 5.x we changed the heuristic and filters are cached depending on the query and the number of times this query has been seen in the last N requests (N depends on the type of the query so for expensive query the value is small).

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