Real Browser monitoring and Captcha

A client ask to monitor a login page with Real Browser monitoring, the login contains a captcha, how can we bypass or solve the captcha?

go to http://localhost:5601/ . If security features are enabled, log in. Open the main menu, then click Stack Monitoring . If data collection is disabled, you are prompted to turn it on. This way you can monitor your kibana instance ( including logins)

we've tried to prevent the "native realm" in ES and the "basic auth provider" in Kibana from implementing features that a true "identity provider" should be implementing and have been focusing on adding additional SSO providers: SAML, Kerberos, OIDC, etc.

but for captcha bypassing, I will have to defer it to @Brandon_Kobel -to shed more insights into it .


Any ideas on how to bypass CAPTCHA?