Disabling challenge after Shield installed

Hello All,

I recently deployed ES Shield and also the Shield plugin for Kibana. It works and I am able to see the login screen. However, for other users it is still prompting for authentication before the actual logon screen that Shield provides. How can I disable the old authentication challenge and strictly use the new login screen for Shield?

Thank you

This sounds like a caching issue. Other than that it should be automatic.


I figured it out, it was in the nginx-kibana.conf file, then I had to restart nginx.

Here is a bigger problem - I am able to get into Kibana via the Shield login page with ANYTHING typed into the Username and Password field!!! How do I fix this?!?

Hmm, is that so? and you're able to access your indexes and do all the visualize discover dashboard work they don't just show up blank? that shouldn't be expected either, but I'm just trying to assess the issue.