Recently added basic license, can't access Kibana


Today I added a basic license because my trial shield expired. I can successfully access elasticsearch without having to enter in credentials, but still receive a login screen for Kibana. This login screen will not allow me to pass even with the "correct" credentials.

Any ideas?

We have a handful of clusters that I had to add this license to and had no issues. They never access this login screen. Did something go wrong?


I thought the login form gets disabled with a basic license, but it may not be automatic with the 2.x versions, so it may require that you restart Kibana.

I tried that :frowning:

OK, I couldn't recall exactly how things in 2.x work. My guess is you simply need to uninstall Shield in order to get the prompt to go away. The Basic license doesn't include any Shield functionality, which is most likely why the login form isn't working. It also sounds like you've disabled it in Elasticsearch anyway, or at least it's not longer being used.

If you want to keep it installed but don't want to use it, you can also just disable it in the kibana.yml file by adding this:

shield.enabled: false

Hi @Joe_Fleming,

Unfortunately due to time constraints, it was easier just to rebuild a cluster and deal with it when I have time. Shield.enabled though did not work, instead it caused Kibana to fail to even load the logins creen.

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