Your trial license is expired help

Hi all,
Please i use elasticsearch 8.0 version and i have my workspace so yesterday , kibana said Your trial license is expired
Please your support
i have all my dashbored I am afraid of losing my data and dashboard.

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The trail expiring does not delete any data, indices, or dashboards visualization etc.. etc.

If you simply revert to basic all data and dashboards etc will still be available.

Kibana - Stack Management - License Management - Revert to Basic... You should be fine.

You can also use the API

If you used some licensed features like Machine Learning or Alert Connectors the will no longer be available.

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thanks for your reply
but options we need like graph will be disable
also jdbc support

That is correct. Those features do require a commercial license.

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also i have add this json code to updated licence but she does not work

PUT _license
  "licenses": [
      "uid": "edd-70eb-4410-9963-9ff99",
      "type": "basic",
      "issue_date_in_millis": 1411948800000,
      "expiry_date_in_millis": 1914278399999,
      "max_nodes": 1,
      "issued_to": "issuedTo",
      "issuer": "issuer",
      "signature": "93"

when he said graph will be disabled its like when i try to create my maps she doent worked ?

I believe it refers to the graph explore API.

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To set basic license

POST /_license/start_basic?acknowledge=true

I am not sure where you got that other command.

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