Real time Dashboard for Mainframe zOS Batch cycle monitoring


I am new to ELK Stack. I have a use case to create Real Time Dashboard for monitoring Batch cycle, which runs on zOS platform.
I was thinking a way to extract live spool data from zOS to Logstash. And create a Live Dashboard in Kibana. Based upon my set of Batch jobs, i can check whether the job has started, in-progress or completed. And further it can check the next jobs. This is just a crude idea. I need help in implementing this idea.
Please suggest me a way!


Hi @Aditya_Narayan!

This forum is for general support/troubleshooting Kibana, and probably isn't the best place to receive feedback on how to implement something as big as the project you've mentioned. I'll leave this open in case someone passing along has some idea, but it might help if you were to try implementing something and then let us know when you run into a roadblock of some sort. Thanks!

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