Real Time Dashboard

Hi, I have just started with Elastic,Logstash and Kibana open source and trying to build Real Time Dashboards in Kibana.

I'm pushing live data to elastic search from a 3rd party application. If i enable "Auto-Refresh" feature it works and i can see the changes in data. But i'm unable to get it real time without "Auto-Refresh" feature and couldn't find any documentation on the same.

Can somebody please provide the way to make it Real-Time along with documentation links.

Thanks you !

Auto refresh is your "real-time" feature. It is based on polling, there is no "server push".

Hi Harish,

as Johan already mentioned: there is no "server push". Elasticsearch currently doesn't have a "notification API" to get informed about changed data, which would be required to build such a feature.

Sorry, but I fear you are stuck with "auto refresh" in the near future.


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