Realtime dashboard update using Kibana from Elasticsearch Service using push notification

Hi I have seen multiple discussions on sending push notification on Kibana Dashboard from Elasticsearch services so Kibana dashboard can get updated in realtime. Is it part of Kinaba 7.3 feature now, I know earlier it was not available. I would like to use a push notification using some kind of api to from ES to Kibana dashboard

Hi, can you describe in more detail what kind of push notification you are trying to create? Kibana dashboard can already auto-refresh with the latest data in your ES. You can choose the interval you'd like the dashboard to refresh at in the time picker options:

Hi Jen, this is more pull from server, I am more interested in the following scenario,

Once I receive some data in Elastic search server I want to do a send notification of a json payload to Kibana dashboard, Kibana dashboard should have a listener event and upon receiving the notification refresh the graph its listening for

This is not supported by Kibana out of the box. This is custom functionality that will need to be built yourself. It sounds like it will need:

  1. An Elasticsearch listener, maybe a Watcher that performs a webhook
  2. A custom page that responds to the webhook. Instead of embedding an existing Kibana dashboard, it sounds like it will need to embed all the visualizations separately so that it can refresh just certain ones.

Mind me asking what is your use case where auto-refresh/pull from server doesn't suit your needs?

What you have discussed may work, we are using ES aws service btw, so please take that into account. Pull may work however does it perform the Kibana visualization data update in realtime ?

I would like to understand watcher more, can we get on a call with another of my colleague ?

Kibana visualization data is always based whatever data is currently in ES. So refreshing updates with latest ES data.

In addition to my previous link, there is more watcher documentation available here and here. As this is a community forum, we don't provide 1:1 support. We provide dedicated support for Elastic Cloud customers and through subscription licensing levels, but we do not provide official support for AWS ES.

Thanks, Jen

What’s the details on cost for a poc going with this on ELK cloud instead of AWS cloud, so we can get further support ?

Please fill out the Contact page so that we can match you up with an SDR closest to you, or you can simply start a trial on Elastic Cloud - that will allow you to engage our support service further. Thanks for your interest!

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