Realtime data Integration between salesforce and elastic

My Requirement is to get real-time data from Salesforce and ingest it to Elastic and visualize them in kibana, Currently, I am importing a .csv file from salesforce and logstashing it to elastic, But I am doing it manually every time, what is the best way to get real-time integration between them, Any leads and help would be really appreciated.

I believe the answer is more on Salesforce side (which I don't know).

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Thank you for your quick reply!, I read about salesforce plugin in Elastic, But not sure how real time it is? because I am new to both elastic and salesforce:)

The documentation of the plugin says:

This input plugin will stop after all the results of the query are processed and will need to be re-run to fetch new results. It does not utilize the streaming API.

So it's not real time.
I believe that if you want something real time you need to implement it yourself unless someone had yet open sourced such a module.

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Thank you so much:)

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