Integrating Salesforce datasource with Kibana, ElasticSearch

I was looking at the various video's on elasticsearch's website around the
"non system log" data sources for example the big data video which uses
a dataset of persons in its example and I was wondering if anyone was aware
of methods of integrating salesforce data into elasticsearch and creating
dashboards from that as well as traditional logstash data sources

My idea would be to do some sort of customer analysis using kibana
dashboards to drill into the data stored in salesforce from the sources it
knows about and pair that with the web server logs I can manage with

I realise saleforce has its own dashboards and analytics and I'm not trying
to re-invent the wheel but I can see the benefit of using the 2 sources to
give a more detailed picture of the customer as they move around the site
without necessarily carrying out an action that gets recorded in salesforce
and completely separate from the IT uses of elastic search to identify and
resolve problems

So I could have a dashboard showing in the last 7 days those returning
customers who visited product X and if deemed suitable by the operator they
would trigger an salesforce campaign

Anyone aware of methods to integrate salesforce hosted data into a kibana

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