Realtime view of logs

Hi all.

I'm wondering, is there any accepted solution to provide real time view of application logs collected through Logstash? Kibana is great for search and analysis but sometimes ability to view stream of events as it's happening is very useful.
I found pull request for integration, but it seems to be abandoned.

Thank you in advance.

You can view things in near realtime if you set a low refresh in KB.
Is that not what you are after?

We tried it once, but low refresh interval plus 5 seconds autoreload put a lot of burden on Kibana. It was impossible to do anything else with Kibana while this near real-time dashboard was opened. Also 5 seconds delay is quite inconvenient in practice.
I'm looking for something that will be closer to tail -f app.log. Actually output would be most helpful because they provide really nice user experience.