Received plaintext http traffic on an https channel

I'm configuring a single node Elasticsearch & Kibana (7.15.1) set up with FQDN behind Nginx Proxy on a single EC2 instance.
Everything is correctly set up when I tried to turn on Alerts in heartbeat (Observability) it said to set up SSL/TLS communication between Kibana & Elasticsearch. from the articles on I have added the below configuration but having log in Elasticsearch even after turning off kibana.

 received plaintext http traffic on an https channel, closing connection Netty4HttpChannel{localAddress=/, remoteAddress=/}

These are the configuration added for TLS/SSL set u in Elasticsearch true true true true pbkdf2 /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/privkey.pem /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/fullchain.pem [ "TLSv1.2", "TLSv1.1" ]

Please any one help me in this issue.

Welcome Armughan. What does your heartbeat output config look like? Is it still using http (default)?

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Hi @armughan,

Usually the beat agent or node sending the information via http is specified in the remote address. You can then check that this is sending information via http to the https endpoint.

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