Recipient variable in Watcher email template?


(Jeff Edwards) #1

I want to load a link in an email with the recipient's email as a parameter, but this email is going to multiple recipients and their addresses won't appear in the payload. Is there a {{_recipient}} variable I can use? Or do I have write new alerts for each recipient?

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


so the to field of an email can be an array, so there is no need to have a new alert for each recipient. You could put this into the metadata field of a watch.


(Jeff Edwards) #3

Thanks. I'll definitely be making use of that in the future.

Maybe I'm being a bit thick, but how could I reference only the email's recipient in a link using that array? I've got an endpoint I'm trying to link to which takes ?email=[responder email address] so I can tell who is hitting that endpoint without the user having to enter their address.

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