Recover Canvas workpads from .kibana backup index

During upgrade of Kibana from 6.7.2 to 7.0.1 I ran into this issue:

My workaround was to export all saved objects, delete the .kibana* indices, do the upgrade, and then import all saved objects.

I just discovered that the Canvas objects are not part of the saved objects, so I need some advice on how to get them back. I have old snapshots and before I deleted the most recent Kibana index, .kibana_3, I re-indexed it to .kibana_3_bak, so I hope that my workpads are still in there somewhere :slight_smile: .

So my best guess is that I should try to get the workpads back from .kibana_3_bak somehow. Can I get any advice on how to recover them?

Good morning! I'm not exactly sure if you'll be able to recover them, but I'm going to check with the Canvas team to be sure... hopefully you'll be able to recover them.

In case you aren't aware, for future reference: you can always export your Canvas workpads as JSON files from Canvas itself. Probably wouldn't have helped you after the upgrade, but you can always save the JSON to store or share.

Hang tight, we'll hopefully have an answer for you soon.

Thanks. I fetched my .kibana_3_bak index to disk and I can see the Canvas workpad objects in the JSON data.

Fantastic. You should be able to re-import them in Canvas directly. If you have any other issues, feel free to comment here! Cheers!

Great. Will give it a try tomorrow.

I successfully imported one workpad now, so I'm confident that I can repeat that for all other workpads. Thanks for the help!

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