RED status in elastic search indices

I have observed that
1)whenever a RED status happen on one indices, the next all creating indices will be in RED status.
2)The UNASSIGNED shards of indices doesn't have data.Hence these indices will never become Yellow or Green status.

I referred Elastic Search is always status red when I restart with no data in index and other threads but nothing is solved my issue.Kindly suggest.

ES version 1.6.0

No error in ES logs.Number of shards:3 Replica:0 and allocated memory 6GB
HW: 16 GB RAM,8 cores and windows 2008 R2 and 1 TB hard disk

ES version 1.6.0

Is it a typo?

I thought we established that you probably have too many shards and needed to do something about it in this thread. Have you already addressed that?

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It mean elastic search version 1.6.0

Yes ,Its been address half the way,means deleted index beyond 3 months older + Reduced shards /node to 1 .It saved a lot of space and reduced load.
The Reindex is under way..
But i have posted question here considering different issue and need to address in other way,Any way will see once all this is done
Thanks Christian_Dahlqvist

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