Redindex, version_type external

HI All,
Reindex can be done multiple times as per the documentation,
during this phase, for example.

  1. reindexed at time 1.
  2. deleted some docs from the source
  3. added some docs to the source.
  4. reindex with version_type external to reindex only the delta.
    5 but deleted documents wont be dleted in the destination,
    any way to handle this?

The only way to do this that I can think of is to use different indices when you run the reindex again.

HI Warkolm,
thanks for the response, I did not get the way you have mentioned, different indices? how does it solve? thanks again.


Let's say you reindex from index to index0.
Rather than run another reindex from index to index0, reindex from index to index1.

so, it means again the full reindex to a different dest? that is the one solution, otherwise we may have to do programatically.

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