Reindex and status 409

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Hi Folks,

When we do a reindex on our indexes we are doing the following:

  1. create the destination index
  2. run reindex with version_type internal
  3. run reindex with version_type external
  4. switch our index alias to point to the new index

In the doc it suggests that using "version_type" : "external" will allow us to recoup any changed/added documents into the new index. We need to do a subsequent run at reindex because the source index is in use while the reindex is running. When I do this, I get a series of documents that spit out status 409's because the version is the same as the one found in the source index. No harm done, it's just extra output.

Is there a way to suppress these 409's and just process the updated/added rows?
Should I be addressing this a different way?

Any help guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark T

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I figured it out. No need for anyone to complete

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