Redirect loop with kibana and shield

(Hanan Bareket) #1


For a POC I have set up an elasticsearch v2.3.* with shield version 2.0 . Also I have setup a kibana 4.5 on the same machine with shield.

I have add some users (with terms restrictions) and queries to the elastic works well.
However, I can not pass the Kibana login page. After successful login, I am getting the login page again and again.

Since I am running a POC on my machine I have set the shield with "shield.skipSslCheck: true"

Any ideas ?

(Hanan Bareket) #2

Problem solved.


(Mark Walkom) #3

How did you solve it, it may help someone in future!

(Hanan Bareket) #4


After more then two days of struggling, I have removed the skipSSl and installed a self signed SSL certificate. It Worked.

This one is not documented anywhere .

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