Reduce Relevancy of TOC


I was wondering, how do I best go about reducing the relevancy score of a result that has a specific phrase in a field? Specifically I have a document broken down into different sections

    Table Of Contents
    Section 1
    Section 2

What I want to do is when I perform a search, I want any result that has a title of "Table of Contents" (ideally similar phrases as well) to not be as relevant as the other sections. I still want them to show up, but since they are likely to contain the same keywords (but really not be what the user is looking for) I want them to show up after other things.

The title exists in it's own property within the indexed document (i.e. myindex.mydocument.title)



you may want to check out the definitive guide on query time boosting - make sure you read the whole controlling relevance chapter, it is an important one and there are more gems hidden regarding what you want to do.


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