Wrong fields are comimg

boosting terms have higher precedence than keyword i search for eg if i search keyword 'index" top fields contain this word in description and lower fields contain keyword in title but i boost title field why this issue is coming irrelevant fields have high score than relevant one ? how to solve it where is the issue ?

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It'd be useful if you could provide a replication of what you are seeing.

Thanks @warkolm
i cannot show things due to confidential issues but i can briefly explain.
let us consider in search bar i searched for word Index the result i am getting is
In Title field does not contain that keyword but still coming on top it only consists that word in description.Other fields which contain keyword are in title are in lower order.
(i boosted the value for title field )
but irrelevancy still exits
why this is happening

Without some kind of examples, including what you are boosting and how you are searching, then it's very hard to help.

@warkolm will try to post things if possible

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