Refresh statistics

(Ilija Subasic) #1

I am having issues with my cluster. I had set the refresh rate at 30s to spped things up, but when I look at the index stats is rising quite dramatically (e.g. 1500 refreshes in 5 minutes). Is the refresh statistic telling me how much refresh operations happened in total?
And does anyone know what time shows, is it the total time needed to complete refreshes?


(Mike Simos) #2

Make sure when you set the refresh rate you use "30s" and not just "30".

(Ilija Subasic) #3

hi thanks.
We use puppet for settings. And we set 30 (not 30s) there. However when
retrieving index setting 30s is returned as index.refresh_rate. So i guess
it is correctly set.
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(Ilija Subasic) #4

Does anyone know what refresh_interval value in _nodes output means? When I update my settings I see the value in the _settings endpoint change, but not in the _nodes endpoint.

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