Regarding daily active users count formula

Hello team, I am trying to calculate one number output as , how many customers have placed daily atleast one order in last one day.

My index formation is like following

Ord_order_no - unique record / document ID
Client_id - customer ID
Ord_trd_trade_date - timestamp at which order was placed.

There are other columns but i thnk this should help to calculate.

Basically, I need in last one week how many unique clients have placed at least one order on daily basis. It should return single matric number.

Or as table as follows

Days total repeat order
1 3450
2 3288
3 3300
4 3177
5 2975

It would be great if someone can assist in preparing this visualisation

What version are you on?
7 Days each with Unique client_id that purchased something each day?
You should be able to do this fairly straightforward in Lens if you are a fairly recent version.

Seems like you just need the unique client_id perday over the last week.
The data histogram would be based on your ord_trd_trade_date and set interval to 1 d

Here is using the sample Kibana eCommerce Data that comes with every elasticsearch.

Ho thanks for your response. I am looking for output in little different way.

Suppose I did transactions for 10 times in one that week and unique days on which i 4 different days

On the contrary you took transactions for 20 times but it was only for 2 unique days. So I am expecting output as following

Days. Total repeat orders
2. -----1( your)
4. -------- 1(mine)

I hope this clarifies.

Apologies no I do not understand /it's not clear, Perhaps someone else will understand.

You will need show more complete samples and results...

Plus you did not provide the version.

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