Regarding Split filter in mutate

Hi team,
I have one roll number like 1071-P56790-345.

First number is 1071. Remaining fields in future can be added.
So I need to extract 1071 and P56790-345 into 2 seperate fields.

I tried using filter by delimeter '-'. But array is in the record. Below is the syntax:

mutate {
split => { "doc_number" => "-" }

Could someone please suggest how to solve it?


Hello @suresh_u

You can use grok filter to make it has two separate fields

match => {"message" => ["doc_number", "%{DATA:firstnumber}-%{GREEDYDATA:lastnumber}"]}

thanks @sudhagar_ramesh let me try.

Thanks a lot @sudhagar_ramesh . It is working.

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