Regexp not work in kibana

Hey guys,

I have the following problem.
I can't use regexp in kibana.
I've that regexp /v1.0/.+?/ for strings
The all work fine, but in kibana not apply it all.

Hi @Aleksey_Rumjncev,

Kibana is quite large :slight_smile:
Can you explain where in Kibana you are using these expressions, and how you are trying to use them? Screenshots would be helpful here too.

Can you also tell me which version of Kibana you are running?


@Larry_Gregory Thanks for reply. I use Kibana 6.8.0
I try to apply my regexp in discover field path:/v1.0/.+?/.

What happens if you surround your expression with / to indicate that it's a regular expression?

Can you also try running the expression against Elasticsearch directly to test that it works there?

Thank you for the help. With / works fine path:'//v1.0/.+?/'

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