Using regex in kibana filters

I am trying to validate a field against a regular expression (regex). but its not validating.

I have a filed like presentation number ( which is text field) and I would like to filter this filed only that starts with 0-9 or start with +449 and +4470 using regex (^[0-9]|^+44(9|70)) .

I tried enclosing my regex in / and " but didnt work.

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Are you using the Filter UI in the search bar, a filter in a visualization or a filter in a console query? It will be easier to help you if we know where you're getting stuck.

Elasticsearch does support regular expression queries and will return the docs that match. Here's a link to the regular expression syntax docs:

If you're trying to use a regex in the Search Bar filters UI, you'll need to use the query DSL option.

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