Region Map on Kibana Vega


I work on a map in Vega in Kibana (the map of kibana config=map), and I plot some positions with the projection:"projection".
I wan't to add areas to show on the map, like timezones. Similar to the region map visualization in Kibana. Moreover Kibana knows information like countries (like in .
So, how can I add areas?
I've tried used TopoJSON but it use width and heigth, but kibana map doesn't use that.

Thank you in advance.

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Wait, so you're using Vega, not the Maps application? I would think this would be easier to accomplish there if you can switch to it.

I can't use the Map application because I want Region Map and Coordinate Map at same time.

But finally, I succeed using this tutorial ( , and drawing boundaries like for the states in the US with a geojson file of the timezones in the tuto. You just need to use the projection automatically created by kibana named "projection" instead of defining a custom one.

Thank you.

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