Register management section with custom icon

I'm updating our app from kibana 5.6 to 6.5, and the changes to the management section broke the icon.

I see that it is all based on the EuiIcon key being passed in when registering the section as follows.

import { management } from 'ui/management';

management.register('our-plugin', {
  display: 'Our Plugin',
  order: 40,
  icon: 'logoKibana'

However I have a custom svg that is not provided in your library. Is there a way to either register the svg from our plugin or another way around this to put our svg inline with the rest of the sections?

looking thru the code it seems only euiIcons are available, i'll ask someone to confirm

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Thanks, I did see there is a Third Party Logos section on the following page.

is there no way to dynamically add an icon to the set from within my plugin. I saw the only exported variables was the ICON_TYPES which is only the keys for the EuiIcon set

export {
} from './icon';

@ENG618 You're correct, unfortunately we do not currently provide a method of using new icons. I created an issue so this may be addressed -

This is the relevant line of code -

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