Reindex complications


when i am start reindex from old index/type to new index/type there are a few complications:

the docs takes fields and their contents that do not exist in the new index / type / mapping [but in the old index...]

Field Types and their contents are not adapted to the new mapping; it is the given [by the old index] field mapping used

I try to disable the dynamic field mapping [with "dynamic": "strict"], but when repeated the reindex no doc add to the new index.

ES = 1.4.4
Reindex Tool = elasticsearch-reindex

Is there a way to add only the fields and their contents that also exists in the new index and also adapted the field types and their contents to the new mapping?

You are unlikely to get help for such an old version. Sadly, a year is a long, long time in a project like Elasticsearch. But maybe you'll get lucky!

Maybe you want "dynamic": false instead? That'll index the documents but the fields you've declared in the mapping won't be made available for search. They'll just be in the _source. It is my favorite value for dynamic.

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