Using reindex to clean up a series of indexes (6.8.12)


I am attempting to get a series of indexes into a consistent form -- the indexes span two years and over that time I have learnt a lot and there have been incremental improvements in the data quality.

The index now has a mapping specified and I don't want anything in the reindexed data that is not in the mapping.

There are also fields that have changed their names and I want to remap these and lastly there are IP addresses that now get geoip data added and I would like to do this for older entries too.

I see there is script option for reindex but the documentation is scant.

Specific questions:
1/ is there a way to tell ES not to put any fields into a doc that is not in the index mapping?

2/ can I use "painless" scripts to clean up the data during the reindexing process? --if so an example of renaming a field, or reformatting a field would be appreciated.

3/ deleting specific fields from the index (not necessary if I can do this in the mapping)

  1. Use dynamic: false -
  2. Yeah you can, that's not my best area so hopefully someone else will jump in.
  3. See 1.

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