Reindex keep mapping

(Roland Golla) #1

Hi, when i reindex a index the mapping infos of the fields are lost. So my query on the new index are not working. What can i do?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You should define a template for the reindex into the new index.

(Roland Golla) #3

I do not know how to use templates. Now i first do a new index with the target name and map the fields. Than i run reindex to copy the docs. But this is a long and not very clean way i think ;(

(Adrien Grand) #4

This is the right way to reindex. Why don't you think it's clean? Reindex only takes care of copying the data and relies on mappings being configured. If it was copying the mappings as well, it would make it impossible to change the mappings between the source and destination indices, which is one of the main use-cases for reindexing.

(Roland Golla) #5

Because it is not a exact copy that i can reuse. I need this to version indexes for a rollback function after importing.

(system) #6

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