Reindex from a remote cluster


I am trying to copy my index from one source to another source from a remote cluster. to follow this link

I got an error: my cluster is not on reindex.remote.whitelist.

I were using - Elasticsearch (Self-Managed) – Azure Marketplace,
I created 2 nodes of clusters succssefully. I did create a few blank indexes. I have another 2 nodes of clusters with full seeds indexes. Now, I want to copy the old one to new one.

Please let me know how can I add the remote cluster to the new reindex.remote.whitelist.

Thank you!



Can't you modify elasticsearch.yml configuration file?

BTW did you look at Cloud by Elastic? It also runs on Azure.

Cloud by elastic is one way to have access to all features, all managed by us. Think about what is there yet like Security, Monitoring, Reporting, SQL, Canvas, Maps UI, Alerting and built-in solutions named Observability, Security, Enterprise Search and what is coming next :slight_smile: ...

Everything in few clicks.

HI David, I am new here not sure how to modify elasticsearch.yml. I did register a free trail for Cloud by Elastic, but i did know what can do to use it. Please advise what would the steps I should take.

Thank you!


The same way you would edit any other configuration file.

Using cloud was just an advice.

So depending on how you are running elasticsearch, the answer could be different.


I was able to modify elasticsearch.yml through PuTTY HHS. I did modify esdata-0 and esdat-1 to add

reindex.remote.whitelist: oldhost:9200


sudo -i service elasticsearch stop
sudo -i service elasticsearch start

stop/start elasticsearch after modification. However, my elasticsearch was not working at all. I was not able to make a connection to URL:9200.


(Error: Request timed out)

After deleted "reindex.remote.whitelist: oldhost:9200" from elasticsearch.yml, it works as before.

Ayn idea???

Thank you!


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