Reindex or sciling index

i have one index with size 400GB. its too big so i want slicing it,i do it with reindex to monthly. but i get duplicate hit in index pattern. how to solve it? can i reindex from existing index not copy the data but cut the data from existing index?

Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by that?

my existing index : customer-lpb and my new index after reindex is : customer-lpb-feb. my index pattern : customer-lpb*. i get a duplicate in index pattern that i reindex. can reindex not copy the data from existing index but cut the index?

No, you will need to run a delete by query for that.

You can always change your patterns;

  • customer-lpb - note, no *
  • customer-lpb-* - to cater for the monthly indices

Also, you should really use dates rather than month names, eg customer-lpb-2020-02, not customer-lpb-feb.

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