Reindexing time series index:

Hi all,
Here is the scenarios, I need help,

  1. I have weekly based indices.
  2. for months time filter, I refer last 5 indices. for example, topic_2021_1, topic_2021_2, topic_2021_3, topic_2021_4, topic_2021_5.

Suppose in the meantime of re-indexing.

  1. I am creating a new index, for example.
  2. during the re-indexing process,
    some part of the data could be moving from topic_2021_1 to topic_2021_1_cut.
  3. the alias will be like 'topic_2021_1*'.
  4. so, here, when the re-indexing process is on and data has been written into topic_2021_1_cut index. the alias may read the duplicate data from these two ( topic_2021_1 & topic_2021_1_cut) indices.
    Question is how the duplicates are handled. will it generate duplicate entries in the query? or how to handle this scenario of reindexing.


I think that will depend greatly on the query, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was duplicate data given in the response.

Thanks for the clarification.

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