Reindex to change analyzer not working

I have written a piece of code, on top of reindex functionality provided by ElasticSearch.
The code takes an alias name and searches for the linked index.
Let's say alias name is x then index name is x_v1.
Later it creates index x_v2 (with updated analyzer) and call reindex to index data from x_v1 to x_v2.
Then it deletes x_v1 after linking x_v2 to alias x.

Now when I am checking the metadata of x_v2, it has updated analyzer. But when I am actually querying the data it is searching according to the previous analyzer.

I am doing anything wrong?

Based on the description you've written here, I can't see what is wrong. Maybe add in your code (or link to it)? I do something similar to this in an open source project, without problem (doesn't use the reindex API, but the aliasing pattern is the same).

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