Reindex vs Snapshot and restore

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I have around 500 GB of data on one cluster and I want to migrate all of my data from this cluster to another cluster which is hosted on different server.

So I can think of two options either snapshot and restore [creating snapshot copying it to my remote server and restoring it] or using re-index from remote server [I am thinking of creating a script which would execute re-index API for all of my indices].

Considering lower bandwidth/network interruptions/network delays which option would be more appropriate? Also suggest if there is any better approach.

(David Pilato) #2

If you are doing that using the same elasticsearch major version, I believe that Snapshot/Restore is the fastest safer option.
If you are doing that from a 2.x cluster (which may be started originally with 1.x indices) to a 5.x cluster, I'd probably go to the reindex API road.

My 2 cents.

(vivek) #3

Thanks for quick response. I have same major version 5.2.2

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