Export and import index

Is there a way to export index from one cluster and import into another cluster ?

We call it snapshot and restore.
Otherwise we have reindex from remote.

if i copy index from 5.3 cluster into 6.2 cluster will it be fine ?

If the first time you indexed it was a 5.x cluster then yes it should work.

transferring via logstash be faster than remote reindex ? trying to check which one is advantageous

Not sure what role has logstash here.
Do you mean to do the reindex?

I'd personally start a 7.1 cluster and use reindex from remote api to read the 5.x cluster.

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If I can use logstash to copy index from one cluster to another cluster ...

Surely but that's the same as using the reindex api.

True. But using the reindex API , we have to make the config change and restart the cluster. However, using log stash we do not require config change and cluster restart. Please clarify.

Valid concern.

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