Indices data transfer btw different type of multiple clusters

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i have 2 clusters but different license types are placed;1st cluster has only basic license, but 2nd cluster has gold x-pack license.

i need to transfer a couple indices data from 1st cluster to 2nd cluster. since only 2nd cluster has x-pack, cross-search is not a possible option.

what would be a best option to transfer target indices from 1st cluster to 2nd cluster?

please advise. thank you!

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i guess using logstash with elasticsearch for input and output is one of option. it should work btw different clusters. correct?

please advise. thank you!

(Christian Dahlqvist) #3

Which version are you using? Would reindex from remote or snapshot and restore be an option?

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Thank you for reply.


Can i use “reindex from remote” feature as realtime data collecting purpose?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #5

No. If it is not a one-off transfer I would recommend changing the indexing clients to index into both clusters in parallel. Real-time replication is what the new cross-cluster replication feature offers, but this requires both clusters to have a platinum license.

(Jason J) #6

if so, using Logstash with both input & output as Elasticsearch could be a solution to transfer data realtime from one cluster(w/o xpack) to the other(w xpack). right?

thank you!

(Christian Dahlqvist) #7

I would recommend setting up 2 separate Elasticsearch outputs in Logstash so you write to both clusters in parallel. Performing real-time replication between clusters is a complex problem which is why cross-cluster replication was developed. I am not aware of any other ways of doing it and the standard approach is to write to all clusters in parallel.

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thank you for your advices! :slight_smile:

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