Reindexing automatically changed my fieldtype

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In my original index I had location field with datatype of geo_point, after reindexing it, the same field in new index seems to have changed to floar
When trying to make same query in new index (reindexed from old), I get:

"reason": "failed to find geo_point field [location]",

old index:
"location": {
"type": "geo_point"

new index:
"location": {
"properties": {
"lat": {
"type": "float"
"lon": {
"type": "float"

When I try to change it (although i know it is ilegal), I get:

"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "Can't merge a non object mapping [location] with an object mapping [location]"

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Having that in mind I am thinking on what options do I have:

  1. new reindexing setting that specific field type before

  2. ES DLS script inline operation to move it the data from one field to another

  3. I wrote a script to move that data to a new field with proper datatype:
    however it would take 14 days to finish it, it's about 20M docs

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Did you apply the same mapping to the new index before starting the reindex? If you don't it uses dynamic mappings.

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I guess that was my error. I though that in reindexing it would automatically apply the mappings of the original index... : (

as for solution Warkolm, what do you think is the best ?

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Just create the index before and make sure the original mappings are used at that time.

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